Tzigania – experiencing the world of Gypsies

The Gypsy community is a part of the Romanian population many times mentioned as problematic. Centuries of isolation and distrust has formed walls between it and the outside world. But what is the truth behind this minority´s way of life? We decided to search for a part of it visiting a true Gypsy village in the Mures region, Romania.

You can enter the different world of this community in Glodeni only 14 kilometers far from Targu Mures.
The adventure started with an old Dacia car which picked us up at the bus station in Targu Mures, followed by singing and laughter. We reached the village after a 20 minutes long crazy ride through the dark roads and were warmly welcomed by our host family. Coming here from a different environment may cause a small shock because even the streets look differently: covered just by mud, kids playing on the road and dogs hanging around.

The Tzigania tours are based on an old concept of hosting tourists in own houses remolded into a modern setting. The experience consists of existing with a host family during the whole stay, visiting other people in the village and with choices of learning Roma language, dancing or basket-making. We were a part of this outer world for three days exposing the reality of the everyday Gypsy life with all the good but also bad or ugly.

Starting the mornings with a breakfast prepared by heart of our „temporary“ family, thanks to our host experiencing the hospitality of strangers inviting us to see their homes or spending the evenings with the kids dancing and singing traditional songs: these are the main memories we brought from  Glodeni. But we experienced also the not that bright side while seeing the low rate of the education (the percentage of the children finishing even the primary school is very low), the dirty surroundings and the specific character of the Gypsy souls.

However the way of this peoples life seems to be very extreme, you can take the first step to understand it during this journey. The best season to experience Glodeni is summer, but you will be probably warmly welcomed anytime. Find more at


Diana Takácsová


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